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Short & Long Term SPACE RENTAL

The metaverse is a new an innovative space in the world. It enables people to have virtual identities, presence, and agency.  Peer-to-peer interactions, transactions, user-generated content, and world-building are all opportunities to expand your brand’s reach and services in a bold new world with limitless possibilities. Get ahead of the competition and stay on trend with the emerging metaverse technologies and experiences. 

Customized virtual content provides your company with an opportunity to showcase your work digitally, with access to a global community, free from capacity limitations.

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Flexible Terms

You decide how long you rent a 3D venue for – whether it is 1 day, 1 week or a month or more. You can host a cost effective and successful event on your schedule.

Step into the Decentraland Metaverse

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Promote your brand or project

Utilize our network of 3D virtual billboards located across the metaverses. Deploy easily and quickly. Immerse your business into the future of Web 3.0 marketing. 

Out of the Box Solutions

Create your own metaverse event

Get in the metaverse and propel your business into the future. We offer full out-of-the-box solutions for running your own Metaverse events. Forget about the complexities of buying crypto and land or hiring builders or designers – we’ve got it covered. Just get your guest list and rent our virtual spaces and event centers for scheduled duration. Our events and partners will help you unleash your creativity and target clients in a whole new way while we take care of the details from setting up billboards and video streams, to white-labeling. Spaces with up to 500 people able to experience an environment.

Step into the Metaverse

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