SEO Audit

Overall Health

Over 130 checks, which this score is nased on the total number of SEO errors and total warnings that were found on the pages crawled.

Crawled Pages

Number of pages that were crawled. Too little may show an issue with google search engine's ability to crawl.


High priority issues that need immediate attention and are most likely hurtling your search engine results.

Top 3 Issues

The top 3 most important issues that you should prioritize right away to improve your SEO and gain traffic.

SEO Report Details

  • Issues with expiring or expired certificate
  • Issues with incorrect certificate name
  • No redirect or canonical to HTTPS homepage from HTTP version
  • Redirect chains and loops
  • AMP HTML issues
  • AMP style and layout issues
  • Issues with old security protocol
  • AMP templating issues
  • Pages with a broken canonical link
  • Pages with a meta refresh tag
  • Issues with broken internal JavaScript and CSS files
  • Pages returning 4XX status code
  • Issues with mixed content
  • Pages with multiple canonical URLs
  • Pages with no viewport tag
  • Size of HTML on a page is too large
  • AMP pages with no canonical tag
  • Issues with hreflang values
  • Incorrect pages found in sitemap.xml
  • Pages with a WWW resolve issue
  • Hreflang conflicts within page source code
  • Pages returning 5XX status code
  • Pages don’t have title tags
  • Issues with duplicate title tags Pages with duplicate content issues
  • Broken internal links
  • Pages couldn’t be crawled
  • Pages couldn’t be crawled (incorrect URL formats)
  • Broken internal images
  • Pages with duplicate meta descriptions
  • Format errors in Robots.txt file
  • Format errors in sitemap.xml files
  • Pages couldn’t be crawled (DNS resolution issues)
  • Subdomains don’t support secure encryption algorithms
  • Sitemap.xml files are too large
  • Pages with slow load speed
  • Invalid structured data items
  • Malformed links
  • Issues with incorrect hreflang links
  • Non-secure pages